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Hi, my name is Lowell Klassen - CEO, Chief Designer of Profuzion Studio. Using my 18 years of experience in the online advertising & marketing industry, I help your business communicate effectively through your company branding and website, to reach not only customers, but your ideal clients.

Who I Am

I have a super common name, and everyone pronouces it right the first time. I am honest, and transparent with how I talk to people, but only if it doesn't involve my golf score. I like to think I have a PHD in making music jams, and watching future/space movies. My weakness is electronic music, and I get carried away with drumming on my desk at all hours. You've won me over if you can quote any Simpsons quote, and playing vidya games served late, is my biggest Kryptonite.
Lowell Klassen
Lowell Klassen

Lowell Klassen

CEO, Chief Designer

My Company


How I Got Started

From humble beginnings...I was dabbling in web design at GVC in 1999. My dad, was a rising celebrity of the auction trade, still yodeling today as Bill of Bill Klassen Auctions Ltd. I noticed a recent website invoice that he had obtained from a company, after they had briefly updated his auction website. And I asked him "Dad, why can't I build you a nice website and update it for you?", to which he responded, "Well, go ahead an do it then," ...and so I did, and I never looked back.

Through working with DMT Group in Winnipeg after studying Multimedia and Graphic Design in College,I learned the discipline of working with high demand automobile companies of Canada, such as Mitsubishi, Volvo, Range Rover, Toyota and Mercedes. Communicating with these clients, seeking immediate digital output onto their websites and branding... It struck a chord in myself, to realize that relationships are important in business to getting the results that my clients wanted to see in their business. Since then, I have made it my goal in life, to pursue relationships first, and secondly, be approachable from business owners, and those looking to rebrand their businesses. Being able to give them a fresh perspective on what their company could be, and how it could perform successfully for them given the right strategy. Like myself, and for my clients, I do not settle for anything less than the most strategic and professional communication in the given industry. From Branding, Business Cards and Stationary, to Website Design, Email Signatures, and eNewsletters. An all encompassing strategy to keep all points of contact, consistent. That is always the goal.

I've learned that professional visual and written communication is key to your company's success to being considered by potential clients, and without might as well be muted.

What I Do

I understand what it takes to make your company stand out. Let me help your company speak volumes, with an old school megaphone, and a big picket sign... ...actually, I'd be using my keen services below to create an amazing brand strategy for your company:


What is more exciting than creating a brand from nothing? This is where my expertise comes into full swing, taking your company above the reach of the noise and chatter that your customers hear everyday. You and I, team up to strategize your business and turn your clients, into diehard fans.


I am passionate about creating a new and long lasting relationship with you. Working together, we can deliver a strategy to your visitors that works for your business, and creates a strategy that will work for your success! Here are some businesses I currently work with:
  • Bill Klassen Auctions Ltd. Client
  • Enviro-Tech Powder Coating Client
  • Pembina Valley Client
  • Randy Klassen Drywall Ltd. Client
  • SkyPixel Films Client
  • Wink City Signs Client
  • Davis Loeppky Projects
  • Finesse Mudding & Taping
  • Klassen Building Soluctions Client
  • Traction Management Group Client
  • Symbolic Stamped Stories Client
  • ENR Drywall Client
  • Bartsch Brothers Construction Client
  • Core Fitness Client




Winkler, MB.

P: 204.362.6171

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